September 28, 2005

The Case for yet another Blog?

Technology is a wonderful thing! Where else can one relish the thought of acquiring the latest and greatest new toy, research its features and price (using other technology), purchase it, and then watch with horror as the price drops 30% a week later and a new leapfrogging replacement hit the streets shortly thereafter? In the years that we have been following, and -- I would argue shamelessly -- often leading the technology curve, the market has continued to shift, with one upstart outsmarting another (at least temporarily) following by a competitive rebound, and the endless mostly virtuous cycle of innovation and competition. Remember the good old days without video camera mobile radio phones with GPS, laptop computers, the Internet (no annoying email from the office!), and telephones that were so expensive to use no one would dare call? Well, those days are gone forever, and actually, that is OK.

Today we are more 24/7 than ever, the half-life of information continues to shrink, and there is a strange, yet oddly beautiful movement at foot, namely Open Source. Rather quickly, this mindset has taken hold in many places IT whereby community contribution, multi-faceted participation, and a new attitude about what is and what is not proprietary, value-add, or trade secret has emerged. As a group of folks who comment about this and other matters IT, it is high time that eat some of our own dog food. Thus, we are announcing the Sageza Blog. Oh no, you may be thinking, the last thing the world needs is another blog from some group of people who think they know it all. We would like to counter that thought.

In this blog, we plan to capture the great ah-ha's, brain farts, or simple counterintuitive silliness that we find so often plaguing our beloved IT industry. Here you will read off-the-cuff, of-the-moment ramblings from us about important issues and trends. We are not going to pretend that we will present fully thought through diatribes, but rather expose some of that leading-edge thought that is seeping under our skin, just waiting to leap out on the unsuspecting. But this alone won't be enough: we view this blog as our Open Source contribution to the community. Read our thoughts, challenge our thoughts, comment on our thoughts, agree/disagree with us, and call us the craziest bunch of idiots you have ever met, but please be sure to spell our name correctly. We will pull some tidbits from our syndicated works and at other times share some things exclusively here.

Regardless of where the ideas and impending discussion originate, we hope that our efforts will stimulate your thinking, make you smile/laugh, or at least annoy you enough that you will keep commenting and coming back for more. At a minimum, we will guarantee that if you print out our blog, it will be as suitable for wrapping dead fish as any pristine condition Alfred E Neuman "What me worry?" poster.

So then, get this thing rolling and have some fun. We look forward to your comments, and oh, please be sure to tell your friends, link to our pages, and send us a nice box of cookies at Christmastime. Cheers!