June 13, 2006

The Channel and IT Solution Delivery to the SMB Market

Clay Ryder has made some very good points in his article “When You Are Too Small to Be a Named Account”. However this is a very complicated area as Joyce Becknell indicated in an article some months ago. It is one that it is very clear that the majority of IT vendors do not understand.

The first of the common mistakes made by vendors is to assume that the potential SME customer base forms a single entity. This is patently not th case on so many levels. Small and medium size companies, even many larger enterprises differ not just by their geographical base or vertical industry sector. The main differentiator concerns their purchasing habits and their abilities / capabilities to manage IT.

To reach these organisations the vast majority of vendors typically utilise a channel based sales approach. However once again it is certain that the organisations in the various channels, for there are many, differ enormously both in their ability and comfort to deliver some of the more complex IT solutions being targeted at SMB customers.

The one thing that is true of almost all channel based organisations is that they do not see it as their role to “build” new markets and to “educate” the potential user base on the business benefits of the solutions becoming available. The majority of all IT channel organisations are in the product / service delivery business. Unfortunately a number of the major IT solution suppliers miss this important point which may result in poor, or at least slow, adoption of new IT solutions

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